At the age of 60, Nita Ambani looks so beautiful , this is the magic of her makeup artist.

Nita Ambani follows a nutritious diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water for radiant skin. 

 Nita Ambani invests in high-quality skincare products and treatments to maintain her skin's health and appearance.

Nita Ambani stays active through yoga, cardio, or strength training to improve blood circulation. 

Nita Ambani's beauty comes from her positive mindset, kindness, and grace. 

 She prioritizes self-care and ensures that she has access to the best resources for her skincare and health needs.

The exact amount she spends on her face and health is undisclosed 

Nita Ambani likely spends on personal trainers, , wellness retreats to prioritize her physical well-being.